Marie Green Yoga
Marie Green Yoga
Anusara Certified teacher Telluride, Colorado


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lodging options

$1,222 for a shared lodging room. $1,888 for a double queen shared room. $2,222 for private accommodations. (All rooms does have Air Condition) Contact us via email for payment options. Or call Dawn at 970-708-3947 or Marie at 970-708-7957.

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Photo Album of 2017, 2018 Gratitude Retreats with Marie Green Yoga.

“Marie, I want to offer my deepest gratitude to you for putting together one of the most magical weeks of my life. You are truly a soul seamstress weaving together the perfect combination of people, yoga, food and nature which brings about profound transformation for all who get to share in it. Most importantly, I am deeply grateful for you and how you share yourself and your gifts with all lucky enough to know you. You truly are an inspiration!
Big, big Thank yous! Big, big love! And of course Pura Vida!
— Mary
Stifling a giggle in child’s pose as a nearby howler monkey tries to outcompete the afternoon rain shower, I feel a deepening gratitude for the forces that aligned to bring me to this beautiful rancho practicing restorative yoga overlooking the evergreen jungle and the Pacific Ocean. Held in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Marie Green’s Gratitude Yoga Retreat was alternately relaxing, challenging, heart opening, and restful. Each day unfolded organically and magically. Each day started with a deep transformational gratitude practice that included chanting, asana and meditation. The yoga session was followed by a delicious, organic, vegetarian breakfast with ingredients sourced locally from around this world renown Blue Zone. Mid-day trips to the beach to relax or swim then back to the resort for an amazing lunch. In the afternoons we were free to explore the area with guided activities like SUP boarding, surfing, hiking, spa services or reading by the pool. We’d meet back up for a late afternoon restorative yoga class which was followed by another delicious vegetarian meal. Over the course of the retreat, Marie included stories of several Hindu gods and goddesses. Each day featured a different deity with meditation and asanas, if appropriate, focusing on the particular god/goddess. The Hanuman day had some of the most challenging poses we had all week. Appropriate as Hanuman is a patron god of strength and acrobatics. Each day was as special as the last. Far too quickly, I was on my way to the airport returning to the real world. I left with newfound gratitude for stillness and living in the moment.
— Sandy